Blueberry Mascarpone Tartlets

July 23, 2013

Don’t call it a comeback…  A few things combined to make posting near impossible. Before I knew it things mounted up and my blog took a back seat. But that’s about to end. Right now. So let’s move on and get caught up. The last few months have been busy. Good busy. Two destination wedding […]

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Creamy Carrot and Ginger Soup

June 5, 2013

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I hope that’s true. It’s been weeks since I’ve left you with something here. Time has a way of slipping away, slowing falling from our grips. Sorry. Things have been lacking here lately, I hope to change that. Beginning now. Today I’m back with a comforting, spring-rich bowl of […]

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viva la spring

May 7, 2013

The wonderment of spring is abound with the landscape a prismatic collection of pollen soaked plants and cherry blossoms. The promise of possibility has helped lure us from our home and out into the great unknown, the ever-changing horizon within our grasp. May springs eternal and carries with it an abundance of hope. Hope for new […]

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The Rhubarb Sour

April 22, 2013

My next contribution to The Boys Club  is up today. Yay for that. Spring is officially here, although the weather may tell us differently, but some of the early signs are visible and the long, drawn-out winter is nearly behind us. I made a cocktail worthy of spring’s arrival. Fresh, tart rhubarb and a balanced sweetness just […]

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mexican fiesta: shrimp tortillas and a spicy michelada

April 18, 2013

There are a few moments in one’s life that shatter the way you see things and forever alter the way you interpret it. One of those moments happened in Mexico. The first time my soon-to-be wife and I sat down at an authentic Mexican restaurant and were liberated by the flavours of a country we […]

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Sunday Morning Eggs

March 26, 2013

First off, sorry that it’s been quiet around this space recently. I’m hoping to change that. Just not quite yet. But that’s because I won’t be around for a short while. In a week we’re off for a week trip to Costa Rica to shoot our first wedding of the 2013. It’s also our first […]

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The Penicillin Cocktail and The Boys Club

March 11, 2013

The Penicillin.  Today you can find my next cocktail post over at The Boys Club. Every post thus far has been an original libation, a combination of my favourite flavours and ingredients. But this time I was so intrigued by a cocktail that has made a name for itself in recent years, I just had […]

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Tuscan White Bean Soup

March 7, 2013

And so it begins. The slow and deliberate winter thaw. The sound of the swollen winter breeze, for months now our companion, has been extinguished. The birds have begun to regain their rightful place on the branches out back and have started serenading us in the morning. Spring. Her perfume is all around us. The […]

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Food Styling Challenge (Blackberry Chocolate Cake)

February 26, 2013

  I have often professed my love of living in Canada and residing in a country with four distinct seasons. Each season ushers in hope and endless possibility. And with the seasons lasting but a few short months, it’s just enough time to sink into the heart of them before they vanish. Winter likes to […]

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Styled Valentine’s Day Shoot

February 13, 2013

This is something a little different from what normally resides here. My wife and I spent some time recently styling and shooting together for a special post on both of our blogs. A styled valentine’s day shoot, for you from us. So here it is: For additional images from the shoot, please visit my wife’s […]

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